Friday, August 1st, 2014

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2013 Celtic Classic Class 4 Bagpipe Band Competition Highlights

Tweet Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone!  Here are some highlights from the 2013 Celtic Classic Bagpipe competition.  The bands in the video are Class 4 bands.  The bagpipe bands are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.  Class 5 being the more inexperienced bands who are still trying to hone their craft and become a more tight-knit unit.  Class 1 bands are the bands who are experts at their... [Read more]

2013 Celtic Classic tartan Parade Video

Tweet Good afterbnoon everyone!  Gina and I had a very entertaining weekend at the 2013 Celtic Classic.  Thousands came out for their 25th year of providing a great festival of Celtic heritage.  Gina and I were kilted for the occasion.  I might add a picture on that the next time.  The Celtic Classic featured babpipe competitions, the 2013 Highland Games, a Highland Dance Competition, a night... [Read more]

Post Move, the Celtic Classic, & Perfect Pour Guinness Video

Tweet Good morning to everyone out there who might actually be reading this.  What a busy few weeks it has been moving and getting settled in to the new homestead.  It has been a good kind of busy.  Just think of George and Weezie moving on up.  The first few days that was what I was thinking.  I even did the “George Jefferson Swagger” for Gina as that is one memorable swagger.... [Read more]

Updates & Other News From LB Media

Tweet Just an update about the website, future video blog series, moving, and other related info.  For more, visit. Related articles Vision Impairments & The Warrior Dash Doesn’t Slow Me Down Warrior Dash Was First Hurdle In Personal Obstacle Course  Read More →

Warrior Dash Was First Hurdle In Personal Obstacle Course

Tweet Good afternoon on this August Tuesday everyone.  The Warrior Dash was this last weekend and it was a fun race.  The race was the only thing fun about the day.  It rained the entire morning and really made the course extra muddy.  It was hard to run in areas that made sense to run in.  Did you understand that?  In other words, the expected dry areas to run on were now just sloppy... [Read more]

Vision Impairments & The Warrior Dash Don’t Slow Me Down

Tweet This Saturday will be my second time competing in the Warrior Dash at Lewis Morris Memorial Park in Morristown, NJ.  Races like this appeal to me mainly for the obstacle course they put together.  If majority of the race was an obstacle course without all the running, I would enjoy it even more.  The Warrior Dash is 3.2 miles and about 15 obstacles over all kinds of terrain.  You run through... [Read more]

Scotland Rounds Off Memorable UK Vacation

Tweet As Gina and I occupied ourselves on our electronic devices at the airport in Dublin, I was anxiously waiting for the flight to Edinburgh.  I had the same feeling, waiting on the flight to Dublin from England.  The feeling of knowing a vacation is not over.  That you are leaving one international destination for another, instead of heading home to New Jersey.  Edinburgh, Scotland would... [Read more]

More To Ireland Than Just Guinness & Jameson

Tweet When I look back at my time in Ireland, I look on it very fondly.  I always knew I would get to London, England.  I just knew at some point in my life, I would get there.  If you read my last piece, you know what I mean.,  Ireland though, never seemed to play out on the “mental travel map of life”.  But because of my wife and her Irish ancestry, I knew it would only be... [Read more]

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