Giants Stadium Demolition: One Brick Left In The Wall

OK, so I am a Pink Floyd fan and  took a few liberties with the lyrics.  Thought going back one week later there would be more left standing.  I was wrong.  Seems they gutted it enough to the point to where they can drop it and clean it right up.  Only one section really remains.  A few pieces of the spirals as well.  They can not get it down fast enough to create more parking.  I am sure it is the parking meant for those with the high priced PSL’s.  This way they can park close, get in, and get out with little to no traffic.  With the Meadowlands Fair going on there will be many pictures taken by people of the remains and open hole that was left behind.

Still, seems strange to see it gone.  I know many could not wait for it to be wiped off the earth.  But I thought it was a great place to watch games.  I even saw the Cosmos play there.  Many have memories of non football related events there.  Concerts, soccer, USFL, MLS, World League, XFL, UFL, and many other failed attempts at football leagues.  Countless concerts by countless names.  They have a commemorative book out already about Giants Stadium.  It was put together by the Star Ledger.  I wonder if they included any pictures of the stadiums demise.

I have seen more items on Amazon and other websites that depict Giants Stadium as well as calling it Jets Stadium.  They will make their money on it.  I am sure whatever pictures and video that is on the internet will not restrict any sales.  Maybe if their heart was as big as their greed they would have sold more PSL’s by now.  I know some feel I am harsh and believe I think the organization does nothing good.  but they do.  They do their charitable events, donate to causes, and other good will PR events.  But the bottom line is profit and staying in business.  Every company/organization does charity work as it is good Public Relations and an even better write off.  Bottom line is they do not care if you have had tickets for one year or forty years.  As long as the seats are filled, that is all they care about.





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Meadowlands Stadium: I Kept On Knocking & They Let Me In


Yesterday was the day the New York Jets had their mini camp inside the new Meadowlands Stadium.  I had gotten my tickets last week after seeing Erik Manassy posted they were free through Ticket Master.  My friend Anthony Quintano was supposed to go but business meetings come first.  By the time I arrived around 10:30 AM the parking lot was filled as if today was the season opener.  So many people must have taken off from work just to see the Jets practice for two hours and get to be inside the new stadium.  Was packed with fans, more than the Giants had yesterday.

ES{N1050 had a booth and football throwing game there. You won an ESPN T shirt if you answering a Jets trivia question correctly. They had the kids inflatable play areas they usually have at all Jets events. Seemed some were also tailgating before going in.  Was a great day for it too.  Not too sunny and not too warm.



As many know, I have been told i could no longer take pictures of the old stadium.  The Skanska supervisor said there were too many pictures on the internet.  I am sure the past few days were beyond their control and I do not think they said anything to anyone.  Especially not with the masses that showed up.  So I blended right in and took over 320 pictures today of the new stadium, old stadium, and practice.  Not like they could pick me out of the crowd.  Was an easy day to get the shots I needed from the inside of the new stadium.  I walked around and found some great areas to get some great overview shots.  No one said anything, what could they say?  The old stadium should be completely down in less than 2 weeks.  Then there is just the clean up of what has fallen.



Everyone wanted to get the best seats along the 50 yard line.  There is even a big 50 right outside one entrance to let people know exactly where the 50 yard line is.  You can tell it is there for those who paid for the most expensive PSL’s.  I guarantee they will be able to park right across from it too.  So they can get in, get out, no F’n about.  They practiced from 11:30-1:30.  Seemed more like a PR session with sales reps all over the place.  They had tables outside the stadium inside the stadium, sales reps up and down the aisles, almost anywhere you walked. Now your standard PSL sales reps were in collared shirts, easy to spot.  The ones selling the luxury suites were in suits and ties.  I was walking next to a sales rep and someone looking into the luxury suites.  The luxury suite rep told the guy they would get the treatment Woody Johnson would get.  Must have to spend a lot of money to get that kind of treatment.

Outside the stadium and inside had sales reps scattered all over the place.  Standing by their table to answer questions and some even walking up and down the aisles.  I was sitting in one of the lower corner sections listening to one sales reps pitch.  He was giving prices and figures out left and right.  Talking about financing the PSLs, when ticket money is due, and everything else one would need to know about buying a PSL.  He even talked about getting tickets to other events.  Say for Bruce Springsteen.  You would be on a pre sale listbut not guaranteed to sit in your own seat.  Just the opportunity to get seats before going on sale to the general public.  The team only gets allotted a certain amount.  American Express card members also get the same option so holding a PSL for other events is not really a perk.



This sales rep was doing what is known as the “hard sell”.  Trying to convince the buyer of everything they need to know, even saying you could finance the seats for less than a dollar a day.  Any objection the buyer had the sales rep had an answer for.  Even saying that although he works fo the Jets, he has purchased two PSLs.  Now I was in sales before.  I have said things that were not true just to get the sale.  How does the buyer know for sure this sales rep actually bought the PSLs or is saying it to help close the sale?  Once he and I started talking he was giving me the price points.  I told him do not even try to sell me.  It would not work.  You can not sell to a better salesman.  Once I explained my situation and he knew there was no sales opportunity, he walked away.  My friend Brian, who is a Jets sales rep, said he does not do the hard sell.  he only offers up the information and lets the buyer make their own decision.  He is just there to answer their questions and make the buying process easier.


There was a moment where a female fan had fallen down the stairs. She had some bruises and cuts on her knees. They got her a chair and stadium personnel came over in about five minutes. An EMT came over and cleaned the woulds. It was good to see them react to a situation like this now rather than into the season. I am sure they have done tests and drills. But there is nothing like a real experience.

Sometimes you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  Lowering the prices may have brought some fans back.  Many still have a bad taste in their mouth and are done, they will not continue on as a season ticket holder.  Myself and a few others know that even though PSL prices were reduced, they have to make that money back somehow.  You will see ticket prices g up over the next few years, parking prices, and whatever else they can do to make back that lost income.  Plus, by financing your PSL you are giving the team more money that one should.  It is better to pay in full that take the 5 or 15 year payment plans.  Do you want to pay more for your PSL than you really have to?  By financing it you will.

I am not out to see the Jets fail here, do not get me wrong.  I just want the organization to realize they should not paint their fans into a corner.  They have seen what they are capable of doing, not submitting to ultimatums.  The fans spoke in masses about the high prices and the Jets had no choice but to lower those prices.  When the fan base bands together than can be stronger than the organization.  They underestimated the market.  The Jets thought they were going to dictate what the market value was.  But the fans told them what the market value should be.  I hope they do sell them so no fans are forced to sit home and suffer though blackouts.  Even I would be pissed at that.  But they should never underestimate their fans again.  Even the ones who do not have the deep pockets.

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Action Is On & Off The Field In Arena Football

What a day Saturday was. Took a trip down to Trenton to see the Harrisburg Stampede face the New Jersey Revolution at the Sun National Bank Center. It was an AIFA game in a town that has no indoor football team. The Revolution play in Morristown, NJ. It was a special showcase to give fans a taste of what they will be seeing in the 2011 season as the Trenton Steel will make their debut. I had gotten some assistance in finding some help for the day. A family friend, Sue Price had put in me touch with one of her friends which led to one of her friends. Turns out, there sons were going to go to the game with their father as the Harrisburg kicker is a cousin. Strange how that happened. So I had assistance from Frank and Bill Ferrari.  I am showing how indoor football can be a viable football alternative to those who feel the NFL has priced them out.



We got down there around 3:15 and was very easy to get to. Was able to hear the first half of the USA vs England World Cup game. Guess a tie is better than a loss, more points. The Sun National Bank Center is is a bit smaller from the Izod Center and Prudential Center. It plays home to the Trenton Devils, the New Jersey Devils “AA” club. But still an ample sized arena seating 9,000 for a Devils game at capacity. But tonight it held just several hundred. Got some nice shots of the inside of the building. Had some early boom mic troubles but managed to get things in order. I am the kind of worker that goes non sop. Frank and Bill kept up with me the whole night. I know i have a tendency to keep going and not ask if anyone needs a break. I hope I did not run them too ragged.

Was able to get some words with the founder and President of the AIFA, John Morris. John also has partial ownership in the Richmond Raiders, Baltimore Mariners, and the Harrisburg Stampede. Harrisburg is where the corporate offices are located. We talked about how he got started in indoor football, what it takes to run a league and a team, as well as doing what it takes to keep the fans coming back for more. The Harrisburg team was also made the home team. The New Jersey Revolution had to be the visiting team in Trenton, NJ. Go figure. The visiting teams locker room was noticeably smaller than the home teams locker room.

The Rev It Up Girls came down for the game to cheer on the team. They did most of the cheering in the loading section behind the end zone and one show close to the end of the 4the game. They did not have much of a spot for them as they booked dance troupes and clubs, kids games and races, and other activities designed to entertain the crowd and kids. They made it very fan friendly with giveaways to help push the new Trenton Thunder. Would have been nice if they were given more time rather than one 90 second spot and some flips to cheer on the Revs.


They had Trenton Steel merchandise and players already signed and there to sign autographs. Was a great time to push the new AIFA team. Getting fans there to see the product for the first time and getting a first look at their new home team. There was a small issue before the game though. A couple of individuals who volunteer their time at the NJ Revolution’s home games came down to work the chains and 1st down markers. They wore their NJ Revs shirts. The facility people told them if they were going to do the chains they had to wear Trenton Steel shirts. They refused so they were then told they could not work and had to buy tickets. They ended up helping the team on the bench instead. At least they contributed to the team instead of sitting there. I understand they want to push the Steel, but they were still representing NJ.

After the pregame warm ups and singing of the National Anthem, the game was underway. It seemed between many plays they did competitions with the kids in the crowd. Skipping races, hula hoop contests, races, and other contests designed to give away AIFA footballs and Trenton Steel merchandise. Every time a ball landed in the crowd the fan could keep the ball. It was competitive in the beginning and the score stayed close. But before the half the Stampede opened up a 25 point lead. I have seen the Revs play some damn good ball, just need to focus more, step it up, and follow through. Coach Al and the coaches have a lot of faith in their players and know they can get the job done. Unfortunately, today the Stampede just made the better plays.

During the game we took shots from the players bench, the press box with no air conditioning, and from behind the end zone. Easier to move Around Mennen arena that the Sun Bank Center. A second cameraman, if I could find out at last minute, would have helped greatly. It sometimes hurts having the one camera and not getting enough angles. At intermission we walked around the arena and would to find out what draws fans to indoor football. What they get from their experiences at the games. In the second half the Stampede kept the lead and did not look back. Key interceptions, pass protection, and blocking helped Harrisburg maintain a healthy lead. The Revolution had the tools but did not utilize them. They did not bring all their heart into the second half.



The Stampede ran off with the game and a 96-44 victory. Many on the Revolution felt there was no need to run up the score. The Stampede did not care and just took advantage of every opportunity. Almost like they wanted to run the score up but that is just my point of view. Instead of running the ball the focused on deep passing towards the end of the game. More heated words between teams than usual. Lot of challenges between players and I think maybe a coach as well. The Revs thought they were getting the short end of the stick since the day began. But at the end of the game everyone shook hands and the fans came onto the field for autographs. The players signed footballs, shirts, posters, and anything the kids gave them. Everyone had fun and went away happy, that is the more important thing to remember. It was fun and entertaining for the whole family.


I am sure many of the fans there were parents of the kids that performed during half time, some were from Trenton checking the action out for the first time. All in all they would consider it a success. But like in most leagues, there is the business behind the entertainment. Turns out, the turf that was used is the turf the Revolution play on in Mennen Arena. Rob Tester paid to bring it down. Apparently it is owned by the new Massachusetts expansion team. They say they have the receipt to prove it. Also, the NJ owner Rob Tester says he can show proof of owning. I also heard it was taken by the former owner of the NJ team and never returned. Now Rob finds out it will be kept in Trenton for the Steel. I know, it can boggle your mind. The Revolution now may have no turf to practice on for the rest of the season. Two games left in the season so who knows what they are thinking now.

It seems there is are a lot of conversations with promises between teams but made to benefit certain teams and people. New jersey may not have the fund as other teams but they should still be treated fairly. It is not cheap to run a minor league team and Rob Tester is doing what he with with what he has. But there are two sides to every story and I will never know all the details from all sides. Everyone was pleasant to talk to and helpful. But I felt the same way in the wrestling industry. Everyone is nice and willing to help, but when it comes to business it is all about who benefits the few. Those in certain circles with certain power always rise to the top while others flounder underneath. Everyone is out for the same thing and it is survival of the fittest, or the shrewdest. But the businessman will always find a way to win out and make a profit.

Arena football does offer some hard hitting, high scoring football action. It is something worth checking out as the price is hard to beat. For some, it could be cheaper than going to the movies. There are so many leagues around the country it is amazing how many different teams there are. The AIFA, IFL, AFL, NIFA, CIFA, and many more. Many franchises are it cities that have no NFL franchise. Not a bad way to spend an evening.


Giants Stadium Demolition: Still Standing Around

Well, today I ventured back to the place I was told i could not go back to.  I could go back, just not take pictures.  But I did take pictures today.  I know what I said before.  I knew I could not go back onto the premises to take pictures.  But no one said anything about taking pictures from off the premises.  I just went to the same location s I went to when I first started taking pictures.  I had been thinking about it for a few weeks now.  Others found it ludicrous that someone could actually be told they could no longer take pictures.  There was no law being broken.  Just an unwritten one they put into place themselves.   Wanted to keep fans, especially people like me away.

I went over to a friend’s today to pick up the camera.  Billy Tooma has been gracious enough to lt me borrow it when I need it.  I was going to use it this Saturday for the NJ Revolutions vs Harrisburg Stampede indoor football game at the Sun Center in Trenton, NJ.  Kick off is 7:30.  But Billy and I had been mulling over the idea about going back and taking long distance shots with the telephoto lens.  I really did not think the Skanska supervisor was going to come all the way across Route 3 on his ATV.  I would be lying if I said my heart was not racing driving over.  The spots I was in on and off the highway made it easy not to be seen.  Except one location on Rte 120.  Hard not to be seen there.  I did not get out of the car though.  Flew a stealth mission so to speak.

The main structure is up between Gates D and C.  So are the spirals.  There is a big gaping hole where the Press Box elevators were.  Plus a few end zone sections came down.  The second of both jumbo-trons are now down as well.  If you drive past it each day you know what I am referring to.  Fireman Ed said he can not wait until it is all gone.  He thought they should have blown it up and did it all in one shot.  I have included pictures from previous shoots so you can see the progress.  Many can not wait until it is gone.  Many did not think it needed to go.  But everyone will share stories, say how much they miss it,  and enjoyed going to games there.

Taken May 17

Taken May 23


Taken June 10


Taken May 19

Taken May 20


Taken June 10



Super Bowl in New Stadium, No Pictures of Old Stadium

Well, looks like the New York/New jersey area has finally nailed down the Super Bowl. I know I should be more excited than I am but I am not. I saw many Jets and Giants fans are ecstatic. It is great for the local economy to have an event of that magnitude in the NY/NJ tri-state area. It will help local businesses, restaurants, hotels, and give a boost to the local economy. But unless the Jets or Giants are the ones playing in the 2014 Super Bowl, then fans can only be happy they have the biggest game being played in New Jersey. If the Jets or Giants make it to the big game, then there will be a true reason to celebrate.

Plus will the Pro Bowl still be in the same city or will it be moved back to Hawaii? This is also one other thing to consider. Fans in the area can definitely take part in the Super Bowl week festivities and events that will be going on, that is a huge plus. But how many will actually attend the game? The ticket breakdown is split in so many ways. The Jets and Giants will get limited seats to pass around. Season ticket holders will be fighting over the seats in a lottery. Depending on how many are left after the host teams distribute them amongst sponsors, family, friends, and employees. So much can happen between now and 2014.

The Jets still have several thousand PSLs left to sell. I do not feel having the Super Bowl will change a lot of peoples minds about purchasing a PSL. If people did not have the money before they will not have it now. Maybe for some on the fence it will be the deciding factor. But thee will not be any big rush on it. I already spoke with some who will still not purchase a PSL. It will certainly help get a name on the stadium though. Any company would love to have their name on the stadium that plays host to the Super Bowl. With all the revenue the Super Bowl, naming rights, and other deals being made I am sure they will make enough to pay for the stadium. So the money being made from the PSLs will be total profit. Is that still fair to the fans?

I did not want this to be a rant on the Super Bowl coming to the area. Just wanted to play devil’s advocate and bring up both sides, good and bad. Between now and 2014 everyone will be posting articles, opinions, and facts about the dealings & events leading up to it. Is this a bigger story than BP in the Gulf? I guess to some they care more about seeing their team in a Super Bowl 4 years from now rather than seeing life survive in the Gulf of Mexico right now. But that is a story for another article.


I do have my own concerns right now that revolve around the old stadium. Seems they do not want fans to come down to the old stadium and take any more pictures. This all started with me last week May 20th. I have touched on this on my own website as well. I was told by a Skanska supervisor that no more pictures are to be taken of the old stadium. He informed me that “there were too many pictures on the internet. If I was caught taking pictures I would be told to leave.” This puzzled me. Too many pictures on the internet? Once again, they exhibit control on what the public or fans can and can not do.

I thought i would go back to the stadium at the end of the day, thinking no one would really be there. The minute I got out of my car I was approached by a Skanska employee in his car. Staying out of sight until they saw me. he told me, according to his supervisor, no more pictures are to be taken of the old stadium. So before I leave the premises I see if I can snap a few on the other side by Gate D. The skanska supervisor approaches my car in his ATV and takes his own pictures of my car and license plate. He then says “We warned you a few times so I hope it was worth it” and drives off.

In the beginning I guess it was fine to have pictures out there for everyone to see. But now, it is no longer OK. I guess if there are too many pictures roaming around for free they will not be able to sell their own and make another buck off the football fans. One of the workers informed me there are a few cameras that are constantly on the old stadium. Plus, if you watch any news broadcast or footage now, they focus on the new stadium and never even pan to the old one. They want to sell the seats, goal posts, and anything they can to make a profit off the old stadium. They are even taking chainsaws to the remaining seats so no one can take them or sell them.

Just once I would like to see the fans who have supported these teams given just one free pass. Is it wrong people want to take pictures for themselves or is it taking away that much revenue? I do not think too many pictures on the internet will stop them from making the money they want to make off their own memorabilia. Do they even know how many fans have already taken seat backs at the last game that was there? Probably not. For once just be honest and not hide behind the typical corporate rhetoric. The more you drive your fans away with the little things, the less likely you will be to sell PSLs.

I usually like to tell everyone how the documentary is going or what has already transpired. But when the organization keep taking a step forward then two steps back, I have to say something. I am also covering the New jersey Revolution indoor football team. There are alternatives to the high cost NFL out there, you just have to find them. It may not be s high profile, but the action and intensity is still there. I still have hope for the Jets. Only time will tell if they do the right thing.



Fireman Ed Anzalone Lets His Hair Down & Talks His Passion

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Ed Anzalone.  Better know to football  and Jets fans as Fireman Ed.  Myself and Matt Nackson went to his house in Northern New Jersey.  Not going to say where he lives because he keeps a low profile in the area.  Ed was a great guy to sit down with from beginning to end.  Many fans have this preconceived perception of him being this crazy, unfriendly, rabid Jets fan who does whatever the Jets organization tells him to do.  I did not find that to be the case.  I went into this with no preconceived notions or thoughts.  I only met the man twice before so I could not have the opinions everyone else has about Ed.  He is just passionate about his team and it shows.

Ed grew up a casual fan in Queens, NY before meeting his wife and moving out to NJ.  There was a misconception he grew up as a Miami Dolphins fan before becoming a Jets fan.  He was never really a big football fan.  He was seen in a picture as a kid wearing a Dolphins sweater a relative brought back from Florida for him.  Ed playing football in high school but was a casual fan of the NFL.  An old schoolmate saw the picture and that was how it got started.  It was not until his older brother brought him to his first game in 1976 at Shea Stadium which ignited the spark that set off the New York Jets explosion in his heart.  Since that game, he has not looked back at becoming a true fan of the New York Jets.

Ed goes into depth about the famed “Jets chant”.  Myself like many others knew it was not started by Ed and Ed talks about the chant’s originators.  The chant was started at Shea before it was brought to Giants Stadium, Ed calls it the Meadowlands not giving any mention of the other New York team who plays there.  It was brought to the stadium by an officer and fireman.  I did not write the names down since it is all on a memory card.  Can’t even say “I got it on tape” anymore when you use a digital camera.  There needs to be a new saying.  “I have it stored” could become, who knows.  Anyway, back to the chant.  Once it was brought over from Shea it was done in the Upper Tier.  One on each side, answering the other after they chanted.  My father and I were in Section 226, it was to our upper right.

After a while one of the guys did not make it to too many games and it died off.  Ed thought it should have been kept going.  Ed says it started with a few in the lower section and just grew and grew.  He would just stand on the edge railing in Section 134 to get more attention until he almost fell off one game.  His legs kept him hanging before his brother suggested he get on his shoulders.  From there it just grew and grew.  Ed credits Chris Berman for giving him the “Fireman” nickname.  Chris was thinking of what to call him when a clip of Ed was on his game reviews.  Since I can not review the footage in front of me, I believe Chris did not know he was a fireman.

Fireman Ed  is just another fan like everyone else.  He is just a more well know fan.  It could have been someone else in any section that could have done it, Ed just was more passionate and kept the chant going.  Ed talks about his relationship with the Jets.  Ed paid for a PSL like everyone else.  He will be in the end zone once the 2010 season gets underway.  Players and others have given out jerseys, invites to luncheons, and other Jets events.  Some good perks when you can get 40,000-60,000 screaming Jets fans to get their team fired up.  I would take the same stuff in that position.  Ed has been generous and given merchandise that was given to him to sick children.  He has visited children at certain tailgates and away from the stadium.  He said he has given away more that he can remember.

Ed was also not a fan of PSL’s, who is?  He saw the change coming years ago when fan’s were already being distracted by othr “entertainment” around them at the Meadowlands.  People on cell phone’s, wanting to throw a beach ball, checking out girls, and other distractions that take their attention away from the game.  Now the distractions are everywhere you turn pretty much is what I think.  Even Ed, who can be nice and take pictures, just wants to watch the game too.  If the play is 4th & 1, 3rd and 1, do not ask for a pictures then.  As much as he wants to take that picture, he wants to see the green and white push forward and get that first down.  That can be where some do not like him, just asking at the wrong times.  If you are there to take a picture and can not wait until a timeout or intermission, you may not be there to see the game.  I do not even go to the bathroom until halftime.

Thee is more about his talk on the West Side Stadium, the player, the organization, his Jets memories, and more.  If I gave everything away now, there would  be no need to put it in the documentary.  I may tell some more down the line if I can get some footage of Fireman Ed at a Jets event.  Will be going down to Trenton next weekend for the next NJ Revolutions game.  They are facing the Harrisburg Stampede.  Part of the Harrisburg team is owned by the owners and creators of the league.  See if I can get a little face time with them. Will have more on the NJ Revolution soon. To find out more go to

New Jersey Has Third Football Team, Starting A Revolution

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend. This has been one of the better weekends on record for great weather. My weekend started off pretty well as I took in my second indoor football game. I went back to Mennen Arena in Morristown, NJ to see the New Jersey Revolution take on the Erie Storm. I was there to record the game and behind the scenes as well. I want to show fans in the documentary that there are alternatives to the NFL out there. All you have to do is look and you might find some hard hitting football action in your own backyard.

I know some reading this will say the NFL is in their own backyard. But so are many indoor football teams with tickets 1/10th of the NFL price and the same kind of hard hitting action. You even get to see some guys that did play in the NFL. It can be a very hard hitting match up. But Saturday night, there was action on as well as off the field. The trash talking from the player before the game to the heated words between the coaches and the referees at the end of the game. Even between coaches after the game. Coaches from the NJ Revolution were not happy by some of the calls the referees made and they got thrown out at the end of the game.

The head coach, defensive line coach, and the special teams coach all got thrown out. The special teams coach, also part owner, tried to throw a referee out of the game. You know you are passionate about your team and the game when you even try to throw a referee out of a game. One of the NJ Revolutions coaches even got into it with one of the Erie Storms coach after the game. It got very heated and loud. Arguing over calls, players, and even no towels in the locker room and a doctor not present. There was an ambulance and EMT’s there so it was kind of a moot point. But Both sides calmed down after the team owners had a private talk. Everyone is just passionate about the game and their respective teams.

The fans are so close they can even interact with the players during the game. They don’t but it is nice to se the fans are able to get up close and personal. They even give you autographs on the spot. Never see that as NFL players are walking back to the locker room. It may be at the Mennen Arena and not some big outdoor stadium. But at least there are no parking issues, reasonable ticket prices, hard hitting football, cheerleaders, and an affordable night of football for the entire family.

That is the way it was meant to be. Not spend thousands on seats and overpriced food and beer. But for some, it is a luxury they can afford. That is what professional sports has become to many fans, a high priced luxury. Pro athletes seem more focused on salary, endorsements, bonuses, high priced toys, and getting their spot on SportsCenter. I know they do charity events, have foundations, and do contribute in ways to their community. But for once let it be about the game and the love of the game. Not for the love of what is in your contract.

Rob Tester, Coach Al, and Coach Chris really do care about the players on the NJ Revolution. They are building a team of dedicated athletes who not just have heart, but a desire to play because they just love to play the game. So does every coach in the AIFA. They all want to see their players and team be something for the fans that come out to see them every game. It may be football on a smaller, regional scale, but it is still football. Find a league or team in your area and just take in one game. See for yourself what indoor football is all about. You may not think it is the NFL, but it will give you respect for the guys that break their ass every week. Here are a few of my last pictures from Giants Stadium.