Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Tweet This past Sunday I had the pleasure of watching the Jets face the Eagles at the home of Steve Renner.  Steve is one of the founders of the Jet Nuts tailgating group.  You could always spot them from their bus and Jet Nuts logos.  Now the game may not have been the best, but […]

Tweet Sunday’s Jets romp over Kansas City was the last Jets home game I will be filming at for my documentary.  Since August 2008, I have attended as many home games as I could to to tell countless fan stories.  Some long time season ticket holders watch the games from home while others still attend […]

Tweet Long ago, the Jets and Giants once played in New York.  Not anymore. They play in New Jersey. Their training facilities are in New Jersey.  Their offices are also located in New Jersey. If the Jets or Giants don’t want to acknowledge New Jersey in their names, then they should combine their efforts once […]

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