Basck to Basics

Here I have sat, where most of the TV time has been spent on the Brett Favre affair. Now I have not been here all day,I was out and about on this hot and humid day. Just when the TV has been on, it has been on sports. From hearing Brett was on a plane from Hattiesburg, MS to Vikings training camp to seeing him jog out onto the field in his number 4 practice jersey. He will be starting for the Vikings this Friday night against the chiefs. As a Jets fan I have already gotten over the love affair. For other fans of Favre and Vikings fans I wish you the best with the drama he totes around in those bags on his shoulders. Jets fans have enough drama at QB this year anyway.
The Brett Favre signing has been a nice distraction today. From everything else that has been going on over the past week. From working the phones and pulling my hair out to a clear head and a sure sign that things to come are only going to get better. I wrote before about going back to when I thought i had things figured out. Well, now I am sure I do. Had to look at myself from the other side of the mirror, take a good judgmental look at myself. Done being behind a desk for now. It was wearing on me. I was getting fried doin g the same thing day in and day out. Not just the past few months, but over the years.
For the longest time I was just never prepared. Never really got a grip on the future or gave it much thought. Never planned ahead, not even for a career. Never set a base to grow on and learn from. I have a better idea now of things so that is why I need to begin anew. I will elaborate more later.
Will have the new website up and running very soon. I am going to go into pull details there. Did not want to begin something big when I will have to continue it elsewhere. But tomorrow I will touch base on a few things. I thought I had it all together, when I set a path that it would all be found along the way. Man, I was so mistaken. I should have stopped and asked for directions long ago. Or consulted those that would give me an honest answer. I should have done things for myself and not think others would do things for me years ago. I got used to that kind of thing and let it keep going.
OK, I said I would not go on and I am, lol. I really did get a good look at myself over the past few months and realized a lot of things. Man my head has had a lot of clutter thrown out. But there are still things up there so do not think about any empty head jokes. Knowing who you and and what you do makes it easier to lead a better and fruitful life. I have just begun to realize both of those things.

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