I Had To Go Back

Well, I sit here, relaxing on the couch in front of what is left of David Hasselhoff.  Do not get me wrong, I love the show. Some good talent on America’s Got Talent.  Just “The Hoff” thinks young but is getting a lil old.  We are not in Germany.  Was on vacation last week, got away for a week.  The second stop of the tour was Long Beach Island.  Great weather in LBI as most of the state got soaked on.  Got to love it.  Went bike riding every day.  Did about 30 miles over two days, not too bad if I must say so.  Videos and pictures to come soon.  Beach was great, waves were very choppy though.  But soooo glad our motel was right across the street.  Just a walk across the street into the pool for a bit so it worked out well.

Since I started this I do not think I have really told the main reason why I did this.  I am at a point in my life where it is time to do what I have always wanted to do, all the way back to being a kid.  For all I can remember I have felt comfortable either in front of a camera or behind it.  I also have enjoyed writing going back to grade school.  I always wrote small things but never really showed anyone.  The first moment I really did, my teacher Mr. Elias made me show him.  He then had me read it to the class & the class was silent.  What can you say, it was only 8th grade.  My writing, along  with others from 6-8th grade were picked for a school collection.  Mine was chosen best overall.  Since then in classes I got high grades on creative writing.

For some reason, I enjoy the creativity and storytelling aspect of both sides of it.  I took a basic TV production class my freshman year of high school and loved it.  The AV department had a VHS on the shoulder video camera (circa 1988) that was allowed to be signed out.  I must have signed it out over 100 times during high school.  Also, since my vision problem sidelined me with wrestling, I shot the video of the teams matches.  I shot all matches my Junior and Senior year.  I also did small films for extra credit in a bunch of classes.  I also took it out for non school uses.  Come on, wouldn’t you?

But even doing all that never stuck in my head as something to do.  For some reason, I did not see myself going in a creative direction.  I mean I wanted to get into Marketing but I was naive I just was not prepared for what I really wanted to do with life.  In college I stuck with Marketing.  I did do some college radio on William Paterson University’s (then college) campus radio WCRN.  The one not on FM radio.  I enjoyed doing it too.  I also got involved with some students small films both behind the camera and as talent.  It was staring me in the face the whole time and I never saw it.  In wrestling I eventually went behind the scenes and as much as I hate to say it like this, I wrote the angles and behind the scenes stuff.  I am a wrestling purist and just hate to say things even though people already know them.    It took me to age 33 to realize what I should have done.

So the documentary and other things have brought me to this point with LBProd.  As a tribute to my grandparent’s bakery they had in Belmar, NJ, Levy’s Bakery.  I know, no duh!  I will be writing more about my backstory later.   I just felt the need to get that out.  After all this time I know a career path for me that makes sense.  But as towhat part and in what direction, there lies the fun part.  Finding my place in where I want to be.  I will be 35 in October and realize the road less traveled is the one I need to choose.  But for now, telemarketing to pay the bills will have to do.  In this economy, finding a job is like finding a needle in a stack of needles.  Be back soon.

Week In Review

Good morning one and all.  Glad some of you decided to come back and check things out.  Thank you.  The past week has been a crazy one on so many fronts.  I heard back from the New York Jets, saw Dorney Park for the first time in well over 15 years, and Gina and I went to the mecca of hunting and fishing that is Cabela’s.  Plus not to mention my own thoughts and outlook on things that are going on.  Just glad Brett favre has given up on coming back.  If Brett really needs that much attention, I am sure some TV station could use a former QB as a football analyst..

OK, let us begin with Bruce Speight and the New York Jets. I am home from work last Friday and Gina and I are cooking on the grill.  I get a call about 6:30 from Bruce saying that have no issue with me filming at the Meadowlands at no cost.  That is right, they have ZERO issues with me filming at Giants Stadoum and not having to pay fees to the NJSEA.  I know the NJSEA is out to make a profit, they are a profit business.  But I am NOT out to hurt the NY Jets like they think.  I am a storyteller looking to tel the stories of NT Jets fans.

I am also going to report on the truths that have been in the press the past year about the NY Jets.  I am not going to turn any information around or take peoples information and put it into a light that will make the Jets look bad though the power of editing like many do.  People can find a lot of the information I have on their own, the truth has been out there a while on everything.  From waiting until the NY Giants announce their PSL rates all the way up until the Jets calling season ticket holders 2-3 times to try and sell their PSL’s.  All I do is sit back and the powers that be write my material for me.  I am just the one filming it all and reporting it.  I am not CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, MSNBC, etc.  I do not have to air only 45 seconds of a 45 minute minute interview.  I can report it all.

OK, I will be coming back to the NY Jets and the rest soon.  On Sunday, Gina and I went to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom for 2 days.  Was a nice ride out.  But first we went to Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA.    The largest mail-order, retail and Internet outdoor outfitter in the world.  I will have some footage up this weekend.  Gina and I decided to go after seeing the place on the Travel Channel.  When you see this place from Rte 78, you have no clue what it can be.  The place is HUGE.  Huge may not be the right word for a store that is 250,000 sq ft in size.  From live bait & an aquarium to beef jerky & a militia arsenal they have it all for anything outdoors.  In the middle of the store they have a mountain that has a different face on every side.  One side had ice and polar bears, one had deer and bears, and there were 2-3 other sides.  A bunch of different animals stuffed all over the place in many different scenes.  The food there was great too.  Yes it is a roadside stop oof sorts and you can eat there as well.  We enjoyed a lunch of homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, salad, and biscuits. Go to  www.cabelas.com for more information.  Leave comments if you like what you se.

On Monday we ent to Dorney Park and walked around Wildwater Kingdom.  A big bonus was having a Dunkin Donuts right across the street from our HoJo.  When I say across the street, I MEAN across the street.  We could open our curtain and see the front door staring us in the face.  How can we not enjoy their coffee and latte’s on a daily and nightly basis.  Now, I remember Dorney as a place that had some great roller coasters.  They were supposed to have some great wooden ones, but didn’t.  They had the Talon, Hydra, Possessed, & Steel Force.  I am not talking about the Thunderhawk because it was not in the same category of roller coasters as the others.  Hydra and Talon are their “big ones” designed to give you that big league roller coaster rush.  I did not get that feeling.  I thought they were good, but not great.  Possessed was like a boomerang and only thought the initial take off was the best part.  Steel Force was the best one, built with steel but the feel of an old wooden coaster.  The best of the lot.  Talon and Hydra may have loops, twists, and you hang beneath the track but Steel Force had the dips and speed for a true coaster enthusiast .

I went on very few rides like Enterprise and a a sky shooter ride but that was it.  We walked around the park most of the time.  Just felt Dorney Park is more for kids and teens than it is for adults.  Over the years I think it has moved from adult tastes.  Cedar Point is hurting and they need to find a way to get adults interested again.  The highlight was lunch at their Game Time Sports bar restaurant.  Was enjoying lunch in air conditioning and enjoying SportsCenter too.  How can you beat that?  Could of had a beer but not for the price of a 6 pack.  Did not do Waldater Kingdom as their were hundreds of day camp kids there and they made lines hard for some rides.  We got on every coaster we wanted to before noon.  Dorney Park opened at 10 AM and we were right down the street from the poark, big bonus.  I would go back to Dorney with kids so it is a more enjoyable experience.  If I want to go to a park for adult riders, I will go to Hersheypark or Great Adventure for the close parks.

I will give Dorney Park their due though as they have a very clean park.  It was kept very neat and clean.  It was a pleasure being in a park that toook care of itself.  Some good shops to walk in too.  They have Snoopy Country for the little ones which was fun to walk around.  DO not get me wrong, I am not saying Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is a bad amusement park, just not for adult park enthusiasts.  So now Gina and I are home and getting ready for a few days along the beach on Long Beach Island.  Not going to have internet so a bunch of updates to come this weekend.  Can follow my updates on Twitter as that will be my only chance to get info out to all.

Well, time to get a move on.  Gina is waiting for me to get my ass in gear and finish what we need to do. Will have more on the above topics this weekend.  Time to start part two of this vacation.  Hope it does not rain down the shore as much as it has been the past week.  That will put a true damper on the rest of the week.  But I am remainging positive.  Later al.

I Am Where Now?

Hey all. I wanted to get a post in before the night was done. Anthony and I went over a lot of things tonight. For those of you who have no idea who I am referring to, just click the link for Quintano Media on the right side there. Definitely got some good work done. Anthony filmed me and that will be up here soon.
I am more connected on the internet than I have ever been. I have this page hooked into Twitter. I have my Twitter hooked into Facebook. I have Facebook connected to UStream. I am connected more than the Sopranos. I am going to be getting more videos up here soon as well. This is the first time I am really putting myself out there for me, no one else. Another roller coaster ride is underway.

Decisions, Decisions

I’m back, back in the New York Groove.  OK, I know, lame.  It was either open with that or Air Supply, what would you choose?   And these days that reference is considered “classic rock”.  Can not believe it has gotten to that point, and for a while now.  Starting to become “that guy”.  It had to happen at some point, just not now.

Tomorrow I have a call with the NY Jets scheduled.  Let’s see if the conversation even happens.  Took them so long to get back to me about siting down, what is another 6 months.  Hate to push off filming but what can I do.  About to say screw it and comprimise my location just to get shots in.  Never know what can happen before preseason though.  I am hoping for the best.  Always need to believe these days.

Damn 3-3 tie.  May only be the All Star Game but I still support the AL.  I am a Yankees fan along with the not so obvious New York Jets fan.  As far as the other of the “Big 4”, I am a NJ Devils fan and sorry to say not a basketball fan.  I get looked at like i have three heads for that one.  Just could never get into it.  Not my sport.  MMA, now THERE IS A SPORT!!  Give me a good fight anyday.  But football will always be my all time number one.  Just wish the Jets would get there someday.

Basseball Tonight

I am sitting here watching the Home Run Derby on ESPN in awe at some of the home runs.  Chris Berman makes any broadcast that much better to listen to.  There are just some sportscasters that make that one broadcast that much better.   Back to here now.  Anthony and I are going to get a teaser-trailer together soon.  Some have been asking about seeing some footage well, a teaser is set to come soon.

Keeping it short tonight.  Getting ready for vacation soon so have a few other things to get done.  Should be back tomorrow with some other things.  Trying to keep this a weekly thing at least.  Later.

No One Wants Me

Well, once again I have a roadblock in front of me for Gang Greed.  I call the NJSEA to get permission to film on the Stadium property.  Couple weeks back, Anthony and I were politely asked to not film and get permission before we do.  Not a problem.  I call over and talk to a women named Carol.  I was told i would have to pay $1,200 AN HOUR just to use the parking lot for about 2 hours.  Two people, one car, maybe 2 parking spaces on a Saturday afternoon with nothing going on.  Guess they must really need the money in this economy.  Just kidding.  I know there are costs involved but that much to take up so little is crazy.

I knew before doing this I might encounter some obstacles.  I called Bruce Speight at the New York Jets to see if I could get a little assistance.  He could not promise anything which is fine.  I had to contact a VP at the NJSEA to “plead my case” and see if I could get the fees waved.  This is why I called Bruce in.  The NY Jets may not want to sit down with me, but that does not mean they can not be a helpful referral source.  I am not putting this documentary together to hurt the Jets, I am doing it to show how these big organizations are leaving a long time fan base out in the cold.

Here you have long time season ticket holders wanting to keep their season tickets in an economy that is making it hard for some, impossible for many.   I am one of the impossible ones.  I had a friend buy them off me this year.  I am done.  I can not afford any more season tickets unless by some miracle I either win the lottery or get a great paying job.  Everyone knows the tickets are a luxury.  But when some have had them in the family for over 45 years, they are hard to give up.

I never give up at what I set out to do.  I started this documentary and I am going to see it finished.  I do not care if it is a cinematic masterpiece or the worlds biggest flop.   I know I still need to get distribution and all the other business.  But it will be a big accomplishment for me to finish this project.  But when one gets under way, another project begins.  Can not talk about this one yet.   A cliffhanger in a blog, how rare.

A great interview hearing about Joe "Willie" Namath

A great interview hearing about Joe "Willie" Namath