Continued fall of Giants/Jets Stadium

I know I said I would have an update this past week and a little late.  Between Passover and computer issues this was the earliest I could get on here.  Not too much has happened over one week.  One of the construction crew said the stadium will be down completely in the next month.  Finishing gutting it before they work on the outer structure.  Majority of all signs and flags are down.  Just a shell of its former self.  You can see some debris piles stacked by each gate.  Not easy to get up close and find out.  They have to do all that and still keep pace with finishing the new stadium plans on time.

Driving around it now I just keep looking at the areas I visited during tailgating.  Whole new set-up will make everyone “usual” places all new ones.  Occupying new facilities and locations will take some getting used to.  Everyone wants to find prime tailgating space in the right spot for whatever their reason.  You find your spot and it will take some getting used to.  A game or two in and everyone will have it feeling like home again.  By mid season everyone should be settled in and getting to know their new neighbors.  By the end of the season you will wonder where this one went and how fast the next one will get here.  Just to do it all over again.I hope they

There are a lot of Jets and Giants fans who will not see the stadium coming down.  Many pass by it on the way to work and do not even give it a second thought.  By the time it is down it will never look he same over there.  Xanadu also screwed things up.  A big hulking structure that is more of an eyesore than an eyesight.  When I go over to take picture, I find myself wanting to open my trunk, pull out a grill, and pop a beer.  It was the stadium I grew up in.  I sat next to my father there for many years.  Many thought of it as a second home for only 10-12 days throughout the year.  An old home torn down for a new remodeled one.

I know a lot of people who would love to be able to walk around the inside of the old stadium before they tear it down.  Such a long shot in the next month for security and safety reasons.  But then again, the Jets and Giants organizations would never do something the fans truly wanted.  The only way fans would be able to go tour the old stadium now is if they paid a hefty fee to the teams.  The teams care more about what is coming into their pockets rather than what could be taken out of it.  With PSL’s not really selling, I am sure they need to raise those funds any way they can.  If they really listened to their base of ticket holders, neither organization would be in this predicament.





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