Giants Stadium Demolition: And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

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Yesterday was one hell of a day to go over to Giants Stadium. I get over there nice and early to see they are making significant progress. Now they are close to removing a second spiral close to the new Stadium side. Moving faster than expected according to some workers. It was weird getting close up and seeing right through the structure at certain points. Big thanks to one of the crew for giving me a lift in his truck to snap some better pictures. Sounds funny, I know.


As you can see, the are removing certain sections at a time. From the inside out, it crumbles down little by little. Gutted out the way a piranha finishes off its prey. As a group they go inside the carcass. Take out small piece by small piece, leaving behind a cleaned out shell leaving behind the bones. The stadium that was gutted, now has only its metal and cement structure to support it as it comes down.


I have been reading fans reactions and experiences to last nights New York Jets Draft day party at the new Stadium. I find it interesting so many love having so many choices on where to eat, sit, drink, relax, use the restroom, etc that the game is the reason you should be there. This is where football goes form sports to entertainment. All they are missing is Woody standing outside the big top and barking at the fans to step inside and enjoy the show.


Do not get me wrong. Everyone knows how much I enjoyed Giants Stadium. But having a stadium that is “up to date” is also a huge plus to any sports fan. More decisions that your typical concession stand. Just an overwhelming experience for the senses. I know I will attend games there at some point and experience the place for myself. I will be amazed like everyone else, but thoughts of what stood next door will just be there to remember.


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