Giants Stadium Demolition: Inside & Above The Destructoion

Made it over to Giants Stadium everyday so far since Sunday.  Things are really happening fast over there.  Complete sections coming down in a few days rather than a week.  Now that they have the area cleared around the new stadium the destruction is moving along.  A complete section with the NJ Lottery, Budweiser, and Verizon ads came down that included the large  video screen.  When I went yesterday in the fog and rain it looked like a war zone.  What I mean is, in that bad weather it looks worse than it does.  Feel even worse for the workers out there in that mess.  Hope the pay is worth it to those who have to work in those elements.

Today though was a much better day.  Sun shining, comfortable out, and getting a birds eye view above the destruction zone.  I start off in my usual place by Gate A and D.  I head over to the other side when everyone was taking their lunch.  I park, over to the area where you can see in inside and start to snap some shots.  I then hear a voice behind me say “I am about to make your day”.  I spin around not knowing who was behind me or what was going to happen.  My mind was thinking 100 situations at once.  Next thing i know one of the construction workers hands me a hard hat, harness, and takes me up in one of the crane lifts.

I do not want to give away his name.  Not looking to put someone’s job in jeopardy.  It was a great opportunity to be there at the right moment like that.  This worker, let’s call him Brian, was gracious enough to get me in position to get some of the best pictures I have taken there.  The ones that show the inside bowl, the former playing surface.  I did not take any tours there or attend any events so far where one could easily take pictures from the new stadium.  This really was my only opportunity.  If an opportunity is presented, do not hesitate.  The minute you think about it too long is the minute you can lose that opportunity.

Read reports today the Jets still have about 10,000 PSL’s left to sell.  Woody Johnson will not confirm that number but others rumor it to be there.  First time Jets home games could be blacked out since 1977.  O a, sure Woody can go into his collection of phone numbers and call some friends.  I mean, it is Woody’s Clubhouse.  I read a fan’s account of the Jets Draft Day party and was surprised by the Jets attitude towards their fans.  He has no right to force fans to buy PSL’s and threaten blackouts of games.  You are the one who put the fans into this mess and you should be the one to get them out.  Better yet, dig into your own pockets to cover the fans.  I am sure you can do it several times over.

Do the Jets hate their fans more than any other team? It is seeming like that.  I really hate to say it.  We are Jets fans but they make it hard for us to cheer them.  I always say I root for the team, not always the organization that owns them.  Tough to do these days.  The PSL situation should be investigated. For now I look at the remains of an era, gone but not forgotten.  An era where the focus was on the field, the players, the game.  Not the new Country Club, VIP’s, the owner, & the mistreating of it’s fans.  The team was followed first and foremost by the blue collar worker.  The only blue collars affording the best seats are worn under suit jackets and ties.

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Taken May 11


Taken May 12


Taken May 13




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