Giants Stadium Demolition: One Brick Left In The Wall

OK, so I am a Pink Floyd fan and  took a few liberties with the lyrics.  Thought going back one week later there would be more left standing.  I was wrong.  Seems they gutted it enough to the point to where they can drop it and clean it right up.  Only one section really remains.  A few pieces of the spirals as well.  They can not get it down fast enough to create more parking.  I am sure it is the parking meant for those with the high priced PSL’s.  This way they can park close, get in, and get out with little to no traffic.  With the Meadowlands Fair going on there will be many pictures taken by people of the remains and open hole that was left behind.

Still, seems strange to see it gone.  I know many could not wait for it to be wiped off the earth.  But I thought it was a great place to watch games.  I even saw the Cosmos play there.  Many have memories of non football related events there.  Concerts, soccer, USFL, MLS, World League, XFL, UFL, and many other failed attempts at football leagues.  Countless concerts by countless names.  They have a commemorative book out already about Giants Stadium.  It was put together by the Star Ledger.  I wonder if they included any pictures of the stadiums demise.

I have seen more items on Amazon and other websites that depict Giants Stadium as well as calling it Jets Stadium.  They will make their money on it.  I am sure whatever pictures and video that is on the internet will not restrict any sales.  Maybe if their heart was as big as their greed they would have sold more PSL’s by now.  I know some feel I am harsh and believe I think the organization does nothing good.  but they do.  They do their charitable events, donate to causes, and other good will PR events.  But the bottom line is profit and staying in business.  Every company/organization does charity work as it is good Public Relations and an even better write off.  Bottom line is they do not care if you have had tickets for one year or forty years.  As long as the seats are filled, that is all they care about.





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