Giants Stadium: Visiting VIPs & the Crater

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The new Meadowlands Stadium sure has been busy.  The New York Jets have been letting PSL and non PSL buyers visit their seats.  Everyone is getting their first inside the new stadium completed.  Some same it during college lacrosse but many mroe have had their first glances.  I heard a story one non PSL buyer made a hasty decision and moved from the upper desk and invested in three PSL’s totaling $18,000.  He second guessed the decision and made some deals with friends on the seats.  That is what the Jets wee hoping for.  The chance some, if not many, would want to upgrade to better seats.  They need this right now since all PSLs and non PSL seats are not sold.  One has to wonder if all the new additions, rest areas, lounges, bar’s, etc will take away from people watching the game.  You may be able to say you were there, but would you rather say you were in your seat to see the big play or on TV in the lounge?

Many people have been saying they did not like Giants Stadium.  Saying how it was not the true home of the Jets and they did not like going there.  Well, if you do not like a place then do not go.  But then the argument that comes next is Giants Stadium is where the Jets play.  Well, you can not have it both ways.  Yes, it may not have been “their” home but it was the home for many great Jets moments, far and few in between.  I did not have the hate for it it appears many have.  I am one of the few I guess sad to see it go.  I grew up watching Jets games there so I will have a reason to miss it.  The new stadium may be a colossal conquest of riches but it will just not share the same place in me.  Sometimes a sport is just best watched with no distractions, just the game and the spectator.

I guess at some point I should embrace the new stadium, but it is hard for me to.  As long as I can still see into the old stadium it is hard for me to focus on the new one.  And that time is soon.  Between that and Xanadu it looks like a different area completely.  In some of the pictures, you can still see rows of seats falling over each other.  Resembles a condemed stadium that should have been torn down years ago.  But I guess many will have their way soon, out with the old and up with the new.  So for now, enjoy some pictures of what is left.
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