Giants/Jets Stadium: Men At Work

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What a great day today.  Nice weather, sun shining, and being able to drive around the stadium and get some great pictures.  I was able to borrow a better camera with a telephoto lens to snap some great shots.  There are piles of debris  at the base of every spiral.  They are going to gut the whole stadium before tearing it down.  My first pictures had bigger piles than the current shots.  With less coming out the piles are smaller, obviously.  Plus they have more dumpsters around to throw the crap into.  They are also realigning all the parking areas at the same time.  Through the one hole you can see directly inside the stadium & catch a glimpse of the seats.

I am sure in the next two weeks there will be a lot more to see.  Since they are not demolishing it it will be interesting to see.  I will have more pictures up in the next few days.  Still trying to get used to handling this website and its upgrades.  Every time I go back I expect to see more and more of it laying in the parking lot or in a dumpster.  Everyone has a stadium that they hold dear to them.  Yankees Stadium for some, Wrigley Field, Shea Stadium, Ebbets Field, or even the many incarnations of Madison Square Garden.  To me, Giants Stadium is the place my father taught me football and made me a Gang Green fan.  Never thought i would see the inside of the stadium from the parking lot.


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