Happy 4th on the 5th

Welcome back everyone.  Want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  I know i am a day late but I still wanted to say it.  Saw a ton of fireworks displays from a friends balcony in Stamford, CT.  Being on the 15th floor above everything on a clear night certainly has its advantages.  Got a couple of ideas down for one of my next projects.  One I am happy to be starting and fun too.

As some know, the New York Jets turned me down for a sit down interview.  I knew it was going to happen.  When I first asked them in November of last year about it, the longer it took the mroe I knew nothing was going to happen.  I think by Mid January I knew there was no chance.  It tok them til June to tell me.But they did say if I wanted to send them the questions, they would answer them.  Well, how many do you think they will actualy nswer.  I mean, all this just because they do not want to be on camera with someone who works for themselves and not for a company or studio.    I plan on printing and showing the questions they will not answer.

Now, I am still Certified in Long Term Care and it is an industry that I hold dear.  I was my father’s caregiver the final few years he was alive.  I know the toll it takes on a family member.  Not just physicaly and emotionaly, but financially.  My father carried an oxygen rank around wiTh him.  He was a life long smoker and it got emphysema.  I read a report in Business Week where the talk about elder care and elder care planning.  Not once was LTC mentioned.  It is a benefit that should be discussed mroe as an option.  I may start to list the benefits and let people know how good it is if they apply for it sooner than later.  I can give you tips to save up to 50% off of premiums for LTC.    Business Week will be hearing from me.

Well, I need to read a little more on how to customize this thing.  Need to start making this page more myself.  I will be back in a bit.  Have to go BBQ some skirt steaks now.  Just thinking about them down with some fried onions on the top sound tasty!  Did I just use the word tasty?  Man, that sucks.

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