How A Wilson Football Is Made

Last Wednesday, April 25th, Dr. Bill Chackes of Football Reporters Online and myself were invited to a demonstration on how Wilson footballs are made.  This was being done on the top floor of the NFL Store in midtown across from Bryant Park.  After the demonstration, Dr. Bill interviewed Kevin Murphy, General Manager of American Football.  The company behind Wilson.

DSC_2465It was educational to see how Wilson makes their footballs.  This was only the second location in their history where they have done this demonstration outside their factory.  The only other location is at the Super Bowl each year.  So for those who went to the NFL store last week were in store for an exclusive.

Wilson footballs are made by hand here in America.  Yes, American footballs being made, hand made, by Americans.  The way Wilson has done it for over 80 years.  It is a good feeling knowing that they care about their employees enough to give them that job security.

As you watch the video, you can see how the workers take pride in what they do.  Knowing that each ball they make was crafted by them.  There are under 25 workers in all who hand craft these footballs.  It is an apprenticeship, a trade that has to be learned over time and perfected by few.

I would like to thank both Dr. Bill Chackes and John Fennelly for giving me great opportunities over the past two years.  Videos like these, my writings,  and others over the past two years would not be possible without them.  I thank them for giving me exposure and experience.

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