Jets Stock Under Performing; Shareholders Fear Another Decline

Last year I wrote an article about the Jets and their stock price.  It seems not much has really changed in one year.  Sure the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game last season, but their stock still underperformed according to analysts.  This season, their stock seems to be sliding amongst fans.  Some are ready to dump their stock while others will stay invested.

The question usually asked is “What stock do the Jets have?”.  The PSL’s and season tickets are the stock.  Season ticket holders invest their money in the team in hopes the Jets (the stock) perform to their expectations.  This season has been one of fluctuations.  After this past weekend, analysts are not hopeful on post season performance.  The Jets and some however, will remain hopeful and release reports that state such.

Joe Namath who is probably the Jets biggest analyst has mentioned the same comments two seasons in a row on the Michael Kat Show on ESPN Radio.  He said the Jets are not as great as they think they are.  For two season Joe Namath has seen the Jets stock under perform and overvalued.  Some investors (PSL/season ticket holders) feel the same way.  They are waiting for the day the Jets stock is worth the price they are paying and finally see a return on their investment.

There are some stockholders who could care less.  They will invest as much as they can for years even if the stock constantly declines.  They will invest in tickets, PSL’s, merchandise, and anything else that has the Jets name attached.  These investors will tell those who either stop investing or do not invest as much that they are not as invested as they are.  Because they invest more that they are a bigger shareholder.  It does not matter how much you spend on your stock, all Jets shareholders are equal.  Unless you actually own the team or work in their offices.

The Jets need to win just about every game to ensure they can get a Wild Card spot.  December has proven to be a hard month for the Jets to win in previous seasons.  This is a hurdle they need to overcome and prove they can increase the value of their stock before the postseason.  If the Jets fall short of their goal, some might continue to ponder if the Jets stock will ever be worth more than what the team says it is worth.  Many investors feel they were over charged for an undervalued stock.

As it stands now, there will be no rally for Jets fans to get their team ready for the postseason.  If the Jets look like the team many remember, there may not be a postseason.  The dividend many PSL and season ticket holders hope for are home playoff tickets.  Many wait for that opportunity.  But it is up to the Jets to make sure they play at home as opposed to on the road.  Many fans have gotten accustomed to seeing he Jets on the road in the playoffs.  Sometimes, the tickets are cheaper at other stadiums rather than seeing them play at MetLife Stadium.  With no home game, no dividend.

With the Jets win over Buffalo today they are now 6-5.  Even though they are in the wild card hunt, a lot still needs to happen.  There are still too many unforeseen factors to see if they Jets will make the postseason.  Even if they do, they need the New England Patriots to perform miserably if the Jets have a chance at winning the division and securing at least one home playoff game.  Just like the stock market, no one can predict what the future holds for the Jets and their investors.

Even modest gains and spikes do not mean a stock is a safe bet.  Same goes in football.  The Jets need to do more than just win a game here and there.  They need to outperform the other teams.  If a stock wants to look attractive, it needs to out perform competitors and show gains to a potential investor.  Otherwise, that investor might invest in the competitor.  In the Jets case, the only other team locally are the Giants.  There have been some ticket holders who went from the Jets to the Giants and vice versa.  I have spoken with them during tailgating.

Many Jets investors stand behind their team.  They will be at every game until the end of the season.  They will believe the Jets can pull it out and make a run for another shot at the AFC Championship, and maybe a Super Bowl.  But what seems to be a sure thing sometimes isn’t.  The Jets have lost games they should have won, and won a few thy should of lost.  It all depends on which Jets show up the rest of the season.  There is no predicting the outcome of a game.  As one can not predict accurately a stocks future.

Before anyone can think about putting money aside for that playoff game, the Jets need to do their part first.  Well, other teams need to do their part and lose accordingly as well.  If the Jets performed a bit better earlier on, their postseason chances might be looking brighter.  Just like any public company who offers stock, the better the performance, the better the return.  The Jets need to show that increased performance if they want to give their investors the return they are looking for in the postseason.

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