Jets Woody Johnson is “Scooter” Johnson

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson with quarterback Mark Sanchez after the 2009 dra
By James Lang/US Presswire

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has a reputation for being reclusive, but it turns out he’s out riding a scooter on the streets of New York on most business days. Johnson’s mode of transportation came to light in a lengthy interview with the New York Times. Said Johnson:

That’s how I go to work every day, when it’s not raining. It’s a kick scooter. Two wheels on the front, one on the back. It’s relatively safe. You only fall about, oh, what, every, maybe month and a half. I’d say it’s about a month and a half between spills. You wear gloves.

I don’t know if I get recognized. It’s such an easy way to go. I’m surprised people don’t do it. I can ride all the way to the East Village. It doesn’t take that long. You go on the sidewalk. You go on the street.

And I like this suggested innovation from Johnson:

I’m hoping to let the players come out of the tunnel without their helmets on. I’d like the fans to get to know the players. It’s hard to see a football player. When you look at his teeth, it looks like he’s missing teeth, when you look through the helmet. But yeah, when the fans get to know the players, they’ll be very impressed, as I am.