New York Jets E Mail Survey. PSL/Ticket Issues

Evening everyone.  I received an e mail today from the Jets.  They are asking about seat prices and PSL prices.  The survey asks if you are a current season ticket holder, how long, etc.  They then get into ticket and PSL pricing options for the club seats, lower level end zone, and mezzanine sections.  Ticket prices ranged from $99 to $140 in all the sections.  Mainly 140, 109, and 209.  They then asked for my opinion in three different pricing areas:  What seats would be most affordable, too expensive, and maybe too expensive.  They provided picture views from the seats just in case you have not seen the inside of the new stadium.  If they are sending this out, they are having major issues in selliing the PSL’s.  The Jets even offered incentives.  The Jets offered to purchase the inaugural season tickets if you purchased a PSL.  First three years of financing at 0 interest.  They even offered you the opportunity to stretch payments over a 12 month period for the tickets & PSL.   They know they are too expensive along with the ticket prices.  I see the commercials almost every night depending on the channel.  Here is a snapshot of the overview of the survey:


Seems the Jets really did not get the market research done they should have done a year ago.  They needed to do this even before the season.  They are in a hole and have not reached certain sales goals and it is obvious.  They are looking at repricing even the field level seats.  The question remains, how low will prices actually get?  Will those who purchased PSL’s and tickets already see a refund if they do lower costs?  I will get into this more tomorrow when there is more time and i am less tired.  Some story’s write themselves.  Filming this documentary has just about taken on a new meaning.  There is no shortage of news, good or bad, when it comes to the New York Jets.

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