New York Jets Parking Lot Hierarchy

Here is the parking lot map off the New York Jets website.  Gives you an idea of what you need to spend on your seats in order to park close to the stadium.  Guess the older you are, the closer you want to park if you can not walk over from the Izod center.  Hope they have people passing out water to those walking long distances.  Either that or find a way to get handicapped parking.  But I do not think you can tailgate in handicapped parking.  Wanted to show everyone how the Jets set their parking in regards to the PSL & parking pass one bought, or did not buy.

Parking Permit Allocation:

Club Seat Holders may purchase 1 permit for every 2 seats at a cost of  $350 for the season.  PSL Seat Holders may purchase 1 permit for every 4 seats at a cost of  $250 for the season.  Upper Level Seat Holders may purchase 1 permit for every 5 seats at a cost of  $250 for the season.  SO if you do not have the number of seats purchased, you have to get your parking permit off TicketMaster or any other way you can.  Single game parking permits are $45 per game and TicketMaster charges a $5 charge on top of that.


–           If you have three Club seats, you may purchase two parking permits.

–           If you have ten PSL seats, you may purchase three parking permits.

–           If you have six Upper Level seats, you may purchase two parking permits.

Note: If your account has seats in multiple tiers (Club, PSL and/or Upper Level), your parking allocation is based on the highest level tier of seating.

Based on your seat location, your Pre-Paid Parking Permit will allow you to park in one of the three new color-coded parking areas. The green colored lots are for Club and Suite seat holders, yellow for all PSL seat holders and orange for all Upper Level seat holders. As in past years, you will need a Pre-Paid Parking Permit to park onsite (both on the stadium and arena side).

You may not purchase more parking permits than you have been allocated. Your permit allocation is based on the chart below.
Satellite parking is available through Murray Hill Parkway, off of Paterson Plank Road and Union Avenue in East Rutherford, NJ.  The parking lot opens 4 hours prior to kickoff and closes 1 hour after end of game.  It costs $25/game which includes parking and transportation.  There are approximately 1,600 parking spots available.  Tailgating is not permitted.  It is further than the satellite parking was when it was in Lyndhurst.



Green parking permit holders can park anywhere though.  Yellow parking permit holders can park in yellow or red spots.  I will be curious to see how the tailgating differs from parking zone to zone.  Not to mention the further you park, the earlier you will have to finish your tailgate party just to get there for the kickoff.  Will the more expensive parking areas have better tailgates?  Will the Suite and Commissioner’s Club parking even have tailgating and what culinary tastes will be served there?  Or will they still be the same no matter where you park.  Knowing Jets fans, there will be a lot of jaw jacking when fans pass though the higher priced parking on the way into the stadium.  I will soon find out.

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