2013 Celtic Classic Class 4 Bagpipe Band Competition Highlights


Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone!  Here are some highlights from the 2013 Celtic Classic Bagpipe competition.  The bands in the video are Class 4 bands.  The bagpipe bands are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.  Class 5 being the more inexperienced bands who are still trying to hone their craft and become a more tight-knit unit.  Class 1 bands are the bands who are experts at their craft.  Some competitions do not even have Class 1 bands as that level only has the best of the best.  There appear to be more CLass 2-4 bands than any other class.  Sometimes there are competitions where there is no band in a specific class.

The bands practice and perform long hours just to be able to compete against other bands at this level.  Bands ranged from high school students to the most experienced pipers.  Even the slightest mistake can mean the difference in finishing with a one spot difference.  Carnegie Mellon University sent their well oiled machine of bagpipers and drummers down for competition.  It did not matter what you competed in, the Highland Games or the Bagpipe competition, everyone gave their all just to finish one spot higher than their competition.

The video has four bands performing.  I was at other events and seeing what else the Celtic Classic had to offer rather than covering every band who competed.  The next update will have video highlights from the Highland Game competition and highlights from watching herding dogs do their job.  If you do enjoy the videos I post, leave a comment or a message.  Always nice to get feedback from those who appreciate the work I put into the videos and website.


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2013 Celtic Classic tartan Parade Video

Good afterbnoon everyone!  Gina and I had a very entertaining weekend at the 2013 Celtic Classic.  Thousands came out for their 25th year of providing a great festival of Celtic heritage.  Gina and I were kilted for the occasion.  I might add a picture on that the next time.  The Celtic Classic featured babpipe competitions, the 2013 Highland Games, a Highland Dance Competition, a night of comedy, a youth fiddle competition, whickey tasting and so much more.

IMG_7124There were bands performing each day, tons of different foods to sample including fried haggis, and a slew of vendors providing Celtic  merchandise for every age range.  Both Scotland and Ireland were represented to each country’s fullest.  It really was a fun time had by all.  There was entertainment around every corner for every age group.  From the Tartan Parade to learning to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, there was something for everyone.  That is, if you were not getting pissed at the Jameson Irish Pub they had set up.

The official start of the Celtic Classic came with the Tartan Parade on Saturday.  Everyone lined the parade route to get a glimpse of the pipe bands and O’Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance who had over 100 dancers.  Actually, one could hear them coming even before you could see them.  The final band of the parade had so many members, it reminded me of the wooden soldiers in the Laurel & Hardy classic “March of the Wooden Soldiers“.  The only item missing was Mickey Mouse in a blimp.

Here is the Tartan Parade in its fullest.  Later in the week I will have highlights from the bagpipe competition and the Highland Games.  I may have some surprises in there as well regarding other footage from the Celtic Classic.  So for now, enjoy the parade!!

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