Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Tweet Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan, and the rest of the¬†New York Jets organization were likely turned off by the New York Giants¬†celebrations.¬†¬† The Jets always take a backseat to the Giants, and Tuesday they watched the Giants roar through Manhattan and return back to MetLife Stadium to¬†continue¬†the celebration. Approximately 35,000¬† Giants fans welcomed […]

Tweet With football in a standstill right now, people can only talk about the upcoming draft.¬† Next season seems like something Santa should be bringing as everyone has it on their wish list.¬† But you will find those who are hopeful.¬† The ones who are already counting the days until the Jets have their first […]

Tweet I normally write about the New York Jets and their fans.¬† The decisions the Jets organization makes and how it affects their season ticket holders.¬† The way fans prepare for home games and how they celebrate on the black top.¬† But now all football fans stand together.¬† Banded by our desire to watch the […]

Tweet Sunday turned out to be a great day for a lot of people.¬† Before the Jets beat the Patriots 28-14, the Jet faithful were having a great day getting ready for the game.¬† Since it was a Sunday, people arrived faster and had enough time to get set up and tailgate the day away.¬† […]

Tweet Though no official announcement has been made, by¬† process of elimination, all signs point to a Thanksgiving Day game featuring the Detroit Lions and the visiting New England Patriots. Giancarli for News From left, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Jets owner Woody Johnson and Giants Co-Owner John Mara might have a few awkward moments the […]

Tweet Credit:¬† Gary Meyers of the Daily News FORT LAUDERDALE – It might not be a bad time to start saving up for tickets for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, because who knows how much they will cost by then. The venue: the Giants‘ and Jets’ new $1.7 billion stadium that opens for football in […]

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