Giants/Jets Stadium: Men At Work

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What a great day today.  Nice weather, sun shining, and being able to drive around the stadium and get some great pictures.  I was able to borrow a better camera with a telephoto lens to snap some great shots.  There are piles of debris  at the base of every spiral.  They are going to gut the whole stadium before tearing it down.  My first pictures had bigger piles than the current shots.  With less coming out the piles are smaller, obviously.  Plus they have more dumpsters around to throw the crap into.  They are also realigning all the parking areas at the same time.  Through the one hole you can see directly inside the stadium & catch a glimpse of the seats.

I am sure in the next two weeks there will be a lot more to see.  Since they are not demolishing it it will be interesting to see.  I will have more pictures up in the next few days.  Still trying to get used to handling this website and its upgrades.  Every time I go back I expect to see more and more of it laying in the parking lot or in a dumpster.  Everyone has a stadium that they hold dear to them.  Yankees Stadium for some, Wrigley Field, Shea Stadium, Ebbets Field, or even the many incarnations of Madison Square Garden.  To me, Giants Stadium is the place my father taught me football and made me a Gang Green fan.  Never thought i would see the inside of the stadium from the parking lot.


Continued fall of Giants/Jets Stadium

I know I said I would have an update this past week and a little late.  Between Passover and computer issues this was the earliest I could get on here.  Not too much has happened over one week.  One of the construction crew said the stadium will be down completely in the next month.  Finishing gutting it before they work on the outer structure.  Majority of all signs and flags are down.  Just a shell of its former self.  You can see some debris piles stacked by each gate.  Not easy to get up close and find out.  They have to do all that and still keep pace with finishing the new stadium plans on time.

Driving around it now I just keep looking at the areas I visited during tailgating.  Whole new set-up will make everyone “usual” places all new ones.  Occupying new facilities and locations will take some getting used to.  Everyone wants to find prime tailgating space in the right spot for whatever their reason.  You find your spot and it will take some getting used to.  A game or two in and everyone will have it feeling like home again.  By mid season everyone should be settled in and getting to know their new neighbors.  By the end of the season you will wonder where this one went and how fast the next one will get here.  Just to do it all over again.I hope they

There are a lot of Jets and Giants fans who will not see the stadium coming down.  Many pass by it on the way to work and do not even give it a second thought.  By the time it is down it will never look he same over there.  Xanadu also screwed things up.  A big hulking structure that is more of an eyesore than an eyesight.  When I go over to take picture, I find myself wanting to open my trunk, pull out a grill, and pop a beer.  It was the stadium I grew up in.  I sat next to my father there for many years.  Many thought of it as a second home for only 10-12 days throughout the year.  An old home torn down for a new remodeled one.

I know a lot of people who would love to be able to walk around the inside of the old stadium before they tear it down.  Such a long shot in the next month for security and safety reasons.  But then again, the Jets and Giants organizations would never do something the fans truly wanted.  The only way fans would be able to go tour the old stadium now is if they paid a hefty fee to the teams.  The teams care more about what is coming into their pockets rather than what could be taken out of it.  With PSL’s not really selling, I am sure they need to raise those funds any way they can.  If they really listened to their base of ticket holders, neither organization would be in this predicament.





Jets host Giants in Preseason Opener at New Stadium

Looks like the Jets will get to host the stadium's first game   afterall - in the preaseason. But Gang Green still has to share the   stage with Big Blue.


Looks like the Jets will get to host the stadium’s first game after all – in the preaseason. But Gang Green still has to share the stage with Big Blue.

The Giants and Jets have been preseason opponents for the last 41 years.  When they meet this August it will be an extra-special preseason game.  It’s the first football game being played at the new stadium in the Meadowlands the teams have built together.

Big Blue and Gang Green will kick off the NFL’s exhibition season on Monday, Aug. 16 with a nationally televised game on ESPN. It’s the Jets turn to be the home team this summer.

The series, which the Jets lead 22-18-1, has been played the next to last week of the preseason all but once since it began in 1969. The Jets have won the last three games, including a 27-25 victory last summer.

The NFL preseason schedule released yesterday matches the Giants against four AFC opponents — Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England and the Jets. Only the date of the Jets game is set.  Games against the Steelers and Pats will be played in the still unnamed stadium built next to the old Giants Stadium.  That means the Giants make only one preseason road trip — to Baltimore the weekend of Aug. 26-29.  The Steelers game will be the weekend of Aug. 19-23, and the preseason finale with the Patriots Sept. 2-3.

The Jets will play at Carolina in the second week of the preseason, be at home against the Redskins the third week and finish at Philadelphia on Sept. 2. The dates and times for the games against the Panthers and Redskins and the time of the Eagles game will be announced at a later date.  It will be the first time the Jets have played Carolina.

It will be the 42nd consecutive year the Jets have played the Giants in the preseason.

The first sporting event in the new stadium will be a lacrosse tripleheader — The Big City Classic — on Sat., April 10, with one of the games pitting Princeton against Syracuse.  An international soccer match is scheduled their in June.

The Giants will play the first regular season game in the new Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 12. The Jets will open their regular season with the first Monday night game at the new stadium.

That decision caused some controversy, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell flipped a coin to determine which would play first at home. The Giants won the toss, but Jets owner Woody Johnson was upset that a representative of the team was not present when the coin was flipped.

NY Jets New Meadowlands Stadium Tour 11-21-2009

Today Anthony and I had the chance to get a tour of the new stadium currently under construction. As we walked inside we were brought up to the 50 Club in the old stadium to sign waivers so that the Jets or the construction company were not responsible if we hurt ourselves on site. They were offering up the construction hats we wore and other items for those who purchased PSL’s. We were all given Jets hard hats, Neon Orange mesh vests and protective glasses. We were given a personal tour just the four of us. We were held back frm the first group because of the video camera we brought. We could not take it in but still managed to get some great shots.

Anthony and I with our wives Gina & Kim. We were rushed through most of it because they had to keep the groups moving but there wasn’t much to see as of yet since the majority of the work is still not finished. The only thing really new to see was the turf they just laid down this week. They are going to have tours going into the spring. The corner video screens are F’N HUGE!!!!! It was a very surreal experience seeing the new stadium in the shadow of the old stadium. Another interesting view was the old stadium through the slots in the new stadium.

Football has come into the 21st Century. The venues now resemble country clubs inside some areas more than sports arenas. Carving stations, bars, restaurants, posh leather seating in some internal areas. The more you pay the more perks you get. The less you pay, then you are just an average fan to them. If you think I am wrong, let me know.


NY Jets Have Trouble Selling NON PSL Seats

Thought this would be an interesting piece of information for everyone. Being a season ticket holder for the New York Jets, they contact you first for the seats in the new stadium. I get a call yesterday from the Jets organization ticket representative Ryan again asking if I would be interested in a PSL. I am then told was my turn in seniority for the NON PSL seats as they were still available. Yes, the New York Jets still need to sell both PSL and non PSL seats. Amazing isn’t it?
Even with no PSL’s in the upper bowl of the new stadium they can not sell those seats. Woody Johnson keeps saying he sees a turn in the economy very soon. Unfortunately, not soon enough for some fans. Woody has also said in some media outlets that with time to go until the opening of the new stadium, he feels all seats will be sold. We will see if that will hold to be true.
Other season ticket holders have gotten 2-3 calls as well ovr the past few months. I find it amazing that the Jets are advertising for 2009 season ticket packages for the first time I can remember and they want people to think that PSL sales are going well. Not great, but well. Just once I would like some truth from a private company. It would show some integrity.

Jets vs Patriots – Sal and Carmine Tailgate

Well, today the New York Jets faced & DEFEATED the New England Patriots.  Yes, Tom Brady went down in defeat to the new Gang Green.  I had the chance to walk around the stadium grounds and get an idea of how tailgating has changes.  Some of the areas used last year have been built over and it seems less space is available.  Sal and Carmine though are right where they left off last year.  Feeding the masses while playing beer pong and playing poker.  One small fee gets you all the food and drink you can handle.  If you would like to tailgate with them, let me know and you can meet us all there.  Sal and Carmine’s tailgate have become “base camp” while Anthony & I roam the grounds.

I managed to get some footage and talk to some I had interviewed last year.  I found that some said one thing last year and this year it is a whole new story.  Some who said no to the PSL’s did end up getting them.  Some are in sections they did not think while others are sitting in the top of the bowl next to God.  I also came across some French Canadians who rented a bus and brought 40 or so fans down with them.  They were Jets fans and Patriots fans.  The ones shirtless below were some of the French Canadian Jets fans.  I also sat down and debated the Jets/Patriots game with guys form the website FanvsFan . Glad I won that one. They have an interesting site so check them out. In one of the videos Carmine gives his opinion of Tom Brady and a family member.  I this year did not predict Brady having an injury as I feel they will have enough problems over the season.  More to come next week when the Jets are home against the Titans.

IF you want to see more pics just visit this link