Decisions, Decisions

I’m back, back in the New York Groove.  OK, I know, lame.  It was either open with that or Air Supply, what would you choose?   And these days that reference is considered “classic rock”.  Can not believe it has gotten to that point, and for a while now.  Starting to become “that guy”.  It had to happen at some point, just not now.

Tomorrow I have a call with the NY Jets scheduled.  Let’s see if the conversation even happens.  Took them so long to get back to me about siting down, what is another 6 months.  Hate to push off filming but what can I do.  About to say screw it and comprimise my location just to get shots in.  Never know what can happen before preseason though.  I am hoping for the best.  Always need to believe these days.

Damn 3-3 tie.  May only be the All Star Game but I still support the AL.  I am a Yankees fan along with the not so obvious New York Jets fan.  As far as the other of the “Big 4”, I am a NJ Devils fan and sorry to say not a basketball fan.  I get looked at like i have three heads for that one.  Just could never get into it.  Not my sport.  MMA, now THERE IS A SPORT!!  Give me a good fight anyday.  But football will always be my all time number one.  Just wish the Jets would get there someday.