Tailgate 4 The Tri-State Before Jets/Cardinals This Sunday

Tailgate 4 The TriState
held the first part of their cause this past Sunday at the Giants/Packers game to moderate success. Thank you to both Charles from Top Shelf Tailgate and Dave at The Fan Van Party Bus for helping us on the first part of T4T. Pictures can be found on our Facebook page along with details for Sunday.

This Sunday will be the Jets portion of Tailgate 4 The Tri-State. We welcome back The Fan Van this weekend and “Flagman” Frank Conway in Yellow lot L11.

Like this past Sunday’s Giants event, we will be raising funds for Hurricane Sandy relief during tailgating before the Jets/Cardinals game. All donations will go directly towards The Mayor’s Fund for NYC Hurricane Relief & the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

The Fan Van Party Bus will be stacked and loaded in Yellow Lot L6 and Frank Conway and his flags along the median by the Track in Yellow lot L11

FRO will be donating 50% of proceeds from Tailgate 4 The Tri-State to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City in support of hurricane relief efforts. The other 50% will go to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. The Mayor’s Fund retains no administrative fee, and one hundred percent of donations are being dispersed to relief efforts and organizations. Funds will support immediate aid needs – including, food, water and hygiene supplies – as well as long-term relief and restoration.

The Fan Van Party Bus will help us raise donations with some raffles of Jets jerseys and possibly some former Jets players may show up as they have in the past. At our Giants event Sunday, former Giants player Steven Baker the Touchdown Maker made an appearance. They offer a buffet style tailgate with one price covering all, including the DJ.

Those tailgating groups helping out have been affected by Sandy themselves. It says a lot to help others in need when you are one of those as well. Dave Matteo from the Fan Van Party bus is from Ocean Grove, NJ. He has his own issues from Sandy but is willing to help us raise funds for those less fortunate. That to me is the epitome of selfless.

Charles Mulea has been taking his Top Shelf tailgate to wherever he can to provide food, television, and a welcome distraction to many still cleaning up and for those responders in welcome need of comfort while assisting others. The best gifts comes from those who seek nothing in return.

If you attend the Fan Van tailgate, one cost covers all food and drink. Frank’s tailgate is very friendly, all are welcome. Just look for the Tailgate 4 The Tri-State signs at each location.

It is very easy to participate. Just do what one normally does before any home game, tailgate!! Have fun! Invite friends and family to make it a t rue game worth remembering. That is 90% of what we would like to accomplish. There are a few options to do your part for Tailgate 4 The Tr-iState:

A group or individual could make one lump sum donation from everyone in that tailgate.

Purchase some raffles or while enjoying some great BBQ, make a donation to T4T since these tailgates are offering up their services to help us raise money.

The CELEBRITY APPRENTICE donation. This is for very few willing to make the kind of donation that speaks volumes.

The Fan Van Party Bus is the Party City Tailgate of the Day.  Pictures was on the Jumbotron

The Fan Van Party Bus is the Party City Tailgate of the Day. Picture was on the Jumbotron

Many will laugh at the last one, but you never know how generous someone will be. But obviously, any kind of donation is accepted. Bring your checkbook and make a donation that can go a long way to helping those in need this holiday season.

However you would like to raise donations for these causes, we leave that up to you. Just keep it fun and legal for everyone.

Big thanks to Dan Vollmayer of The JETway for putting the graphics together for out Facebook page. He gave his time when he really did not have any to make sure we had something colorful to entice others to join T4T.

If you are interested in participating as one of our tailgating locations, e mail us at Tailgate4Tristate@gmail.com or through our Facebook page.

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