The Fall of Giants/Jets Stadium

I just got back from Giants Stadium.  I wanted to see how it looked over there, not because of the construction on the new stadium, but to see the razing of the old stadium.  The facility where many memories and moments will remain in peoples minds and hearts.  The grounds on the side where Gates C & D stand is no more.  All torn up so they can lay down a new parking lot.  Gate D has been completely removed from the escalators to the spirals.  The Giants Stadium signs on both sides have also been removed.  All that stands now is a nameless facade.  An old home to many great sports legends & teams.  Not just the Jets and Giants, but the Red Bulls, Metrostars, Knights, Cosmos, and other sports franchises.  Can not forget memorable performances from Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and countless others.

Today, the stadium stands in the shadow of its younger brother.  A new stadium destined to outshine the old one.  Offer more and go beyond what any Jets or Giants fan could ask for.  But the old home will always have a special place for many.  It will always be the stadium where my father and I bonded.  Where we would cheer the great plays and curse out the bad ones.  I will always have a special place in my heart for Giants Stadium.  While driving around it today, I could not help but want to go inside one last time.  That will never happen, especially not now.  Only the faint echos of Jets and Giants chats can be heard, if you listen close enough.

Here are some pictures taken today.  I will have more in the coming weeks until the last brick has been removed.  Some before and after pictures that were taken today and from the beginning of the 2009 season.


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  1. Jbones72 says:

    I agree about having a lot of good memories about it. 10 years of games with my dad and many concerts over the years. But as a Jet fan that Giants Stadium sign always bugged me! I hated walking up and seeing it every game. Granted if the Jets had won a couple of Super Bowls while they played there it would have been easier to take! I’m very glad it’s gone. I still really don’t like the idea of sharing with the Giants. I wish the Eastside, Flushing or LI was the home for the Jets, but it will be a little easier without the big blue sign & red seats!!! Thanks for the pics!


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